Finding the Right Dentist in Sacramento

There are hundreds of dentists in the Sacramento area. With so many to choose from, where should you start your search for the most suitable dentist?

Talk with Your Friends and Family

Word of mouth is an ideal method for finding a dentist. Asking friends and family members to refer a new dentist is an excellent starting point.

Even if the dentist you were referred to isn't accepting new patients now, your friends and family can provide insight about their experience with them. You can ask them for a list of pros and cons that you should consider when searching.

While word of mouth is an excellent starting point when searching for a dentist, this will restrict your search to those close to you.

Review Your Dental Insurance Website

Use the tools provided on your dental insurance website if you have dental insurance. You can view a list of in-network dentists near you on this website. This search option will help you save time and eliminate out-of-network options.

Make Good Use Of the Internet

The Internet allows you to search for Dentists using a wider range than if you only speak with your friends and family members or insurance carrier. While the Internet can be overwhelming to find a starting point, look for professional dental directories (like this one). These directories can help you narrow down your search by categorizing types of dentists.

Professional dental directories can be nationwide, where you filter by city or state, or local directories, where you start with your city. Plus, these directories tend to provide more detail than your insurance website.

Weblinks and enhanced media within a listing give you a better feel for the dental practice and its services. Go slow and make an effort to read reviews from multiple websites in order to get a better idea of whether the dentist will be a good fit for you.

Confirm Dental License

Check the licensing of each potential dentist on your list. The professional directory will provide the number of the dentist's license. Then, go to the Dental Board of California website for a license search.

This search will confirm that the dental license is valid without any cases against the dentist.

Schedule a Free Consultation

See the Dental Office

You may prefer a small dental office with more access to the dentist or a dental office that's easy to get in and out quickly. Hopefully, after the four steps above, you will have a short list of options.

Next, call each dental office to schedule a consultation. Arranging appointments can be complicated if their schedule doesn't align with your availability. Take this into consideration as well.

During your office visit, check the sanitation process, equipment condition, and staff's kindness. Is the atmosphere in the waiting area relaxed?

This consultation will ensure you've found a good match by better understanding the dental office after walking through the front door.

Thoughts on the Dentist

As with other doctors, you will be more likely to continue your routine visits if you are satisfied with your chosen dentist. So, take the time to research all of your options thoroughly.

  • Does the dentist seem educated?
  • Does the dentist seem self-confident?
  • Can you speak freely to the dentist?
  • How does the dentist meet your needs?

Follow these steps to get started, but before you decide on a dentist, be sure to ask about the costs and care.

Your general well-being is dependent on your dental health. You should take the time to search for and find the right dentist for you.

Good luck!

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